​NTS  with the Calisthenics Revolution Team  at the Savage Race (www.calirevgym.com)

Join our Rewards Program:  Earn points towards your tax preparation or PC repair cost every time you use our notary services.  Each dollar you pay is worth a discount dollar toward the cost of your individual or corporate tax preparation.  Example:  Single W2 tax preparation cost is $90.00 minus 3 notarized documents ($5 each) = $75.00

​Get 5-free notarized documents if we prepare and file your individual or corporate tax returns.

​Get 5-free notarized documents if you buy any of our PC or Mac repair services. 

Community Events :  

NTS participated in the 4th of July 2017 - National Independence Day Parade a second year in a row.

A One-Stop Shop 

We adopted the "One-Stop Shop" business model to offer significant time and economic advantages to our clients and community 1) Access to a network of experts and creativity 2) Convenience and efficient use of your time and resources 3) No red-tape policies of large corporations. ​

Notary & Tax Services

​(A One-Stop Shop)