Why Choose Us?

A Multidimensional Operation

We offer significant time and economic advantages to our clients and community.  

1) Open doors all year round; not just one day a week

2) No royalty, franchise or investment fees are passed on to you; on average, a 30% savings

3) You get Knowledge Continuity. Critical information is not missed or overlooked due to new high employee turnover

4) No expensive guarantees or promises that are never fulfilled

5) Immediate access to a network of experts and creativity instead of endless time-consuming multi-department phone transfers

6) A decision maker is always available to handle difficult situations

7) Someone must always follow up on your case 

8) No red-tape policies of large national corporations

9) Do-it-yourself software is wonderful on simple tax returns but it can't reason, research, investigate or talk to the IRS

10) Receive business advise (brainstorm, insight, accountability) 

Strengths that Veterans  bring to you: 

1) World-class mindset on teamwork and safety of others
2) Proven skills and discipline
3) Making it happen under stress
4) Cross-functionality is second nature i. e., computer skills, mortgage banking,       office management, project management and superb social skills

5) Complete professional military citizens with adaptability of environment

     and adherence to rules and deadlines

6) Privacy, security & secrecy as required

Notary & Tax Services (NTS)

​(A Multidimensional Operation)

​NTS  with the Calisthenics Revolution Team  at the Savage Race (www.calirevgym.com)

Community Events :  

NTS participated in the 4th of July 2017 - National Independence Day Parade a second year in a row.